How to Fix Can't Connect To Wifi In Debian 9 And Other Debian Based Linux - MAC Randomization Bug

This article will guide you to fix wifi not being connected to any wireless network due to a bug on Network Manager on Debian 9 and other debian based distros like Ubuntu. I personally stumble upon this issue on my Debian 9(Cinnamon) distro and after googling for sometime knew about this bug on Network Manager's specific version. You can refer to this link for more info on this bug or just scroll down for a quick fix.

Because of this bug what happens is this that, whenever you try to connect to a wifi, it tries to connect for a long time and then simply just gives a notification saying 'The network connection has been disconnected.'

To fix this issue you can either upgrade/downgrade to the bug free version of Network Manager Or just edit a small configuration file of the Network Manager. So, in this article we will guide you to edit the configuration file to fix the problem, which prevented the wifi from working.

Follow the below steps to fix the issue on your Debian 9 based distro;

1.Edit the Network Manager Configuration File
2.Restart Network Manager Service
3.Connect to Wifi Successfully.
Note: You will need root access to edit the config file. Use "sudo" or login to your root account.
First of all open the terminal and type the following command to edit the configuration file. I will simply use the gedit to edit the config file.
sudo gedit /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf
Now copy the below text and paste at the end of the file
And now save it.

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Now we will have to restart the Network Manager, for that enter the following command in the terminal;
sudo systemctl restart NetworkManager

Now You should be able to connect to your wireless AP. If in case you weren't able to connect successfully try to restart. And sure dont hesitate to comment below your issue.


  1. It does work after restarting.

  2. smooth as a glove. Perfect solution

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  7. It works, thanks. (Debian 9.9.0)

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  11. Worked like a charm in Debian 11 Bullseye. Thanks a lot. Tried several USB Wifi sticks, but suspected the network-manager. Cheers

  12. Thank you very much, it's worked!!

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  22. Debian Buster.
    Incredibly, it worked when restarted.
    Then it restored the file to original version, but kept working.
    Thanks a lot!!!

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