Install ADB And Fastboot The Easiest Way On Linux Mint, Ubuntu And Other Debian Based Distros


In this article, we will discuss on how to install Android Debug Bus (ADB) and Fastboot on Debian based Linux, like on Linux Mint, Ubuntu, Kali, Parrot Sec OS etc. This article will guide you the easiest method to install ADB and Fastboot on Linux machine. If you are a Android user or a developer, you might be well aware of these two tools. These are extremely useful and must have tool for a developer and as well for a advance Android user. Before we install the tools, lets know about these a little more.

Android Debug Bus: ADB is a cross-platform command line utility, which help users to communicate to Android device form a PC using USB cable. ADB can be used to copy files, run shell commands, controlling device form PC ect. As you have already known, both ADB and Fasboot are part of Google Android SDK. Fastboot: Fastboot provides functions to manipulate Android file system and bootloader. You can use Fastboot to flash custom recoveries and updates.

Following below instructions, you should be able to install ADB and Fastboot on your system easily.

These commands are same for all Debian based distros
Instructions to install Android Debug Bus (ADB)
Open a terminal and enter the following commandsto install ADB ,
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install android-tools-adb

Instructions to install Fastboot
Again enter the following command on terminal to install fastboot
sudo apt-get install android-tools-fastboot

Now you have successfully install these two packages, ADB and Fastboot.

To start and kill adb server enter the following commands.
to start ADB server,
sudo adb start-server
to stop ADB server
sudo adb kill-server
After starting adb server connect your Android device with USB debugging mode enabled to your PC.
Allow if prompted on Android device and issue the following command to list your device on ADB.
adb devices
If your device is detected, it will be like below and you are done.

But if your device doesnt show up, try to kill and start the adb server again. If you face any issue just comment below.


Create Wealth Yourself said...

Samsung S8 both FRP and OEM Lock on when starting in recovery mode. Unable to start in USB debugging mode. Appreciate any help:)

Bikash Jit said...

When I enter command: adb devices

I don't see my device I think it's not mounted but how do I mount it's stucked in FRP.