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We at Sombex blog provide quality tutorial articles on Linux, Windows, Android and web related topics. We publish these articles in hope that some would benefit from it. We are really grateful to our regular and other visitors. We always welcome your comments and feedback. 

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This blog is an output of passionate authors and loyal visitors. We are a team of two passionate and tech savvy brothers. We are from Nepal. We love to help with technical issues and write about technology. One of the author is vOid (Anuj), who is a student of IT and is a developer. and other is sombii (Sanjog), who is a student of Commerce but loves and is passionate about IT. We love FOSS and Linux, we use Linux as our primary OS.

We provide web development services. If you want to contact us regarding web development services, domain registration, web hosting, custom CMS or anything else, below are the ways to contact us.

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