Install Materia Theme - Beautiful Material Theme For Linux Installation Guide

Materia is a full material designed based eye candy theme for Gnome/GTK+ desktop environment. It was formerly named as Flat-Plat. This theme can be installed on all gnome based desktop environment. Materia is a beautiful theme with ripple effect. This theme has three color variants including a dark one. So, in this article we will talk on how you can install this theme on your Linux machine.

Before we can install the theme on your Debian based Linux machine, we need to see if our distro fulfill the requirements of this theme.Actually you can install this theme on any distro but we will focus on Debian based (Ubuntu, Linux Mint etc).

Supported Desktop Environments:
  • GNOME Shell 3.18 or newer
  • Budgie 10.2.5 or newer
  • MATE 1.14 or newer
  • Unity 7.4 or newer

And also GTK+3 should be 3.18 or newer. Type dpkg -l libgtk-3-0 on terminal to get GTK+3 versoin.


Installing this theme is pretty easy, you just have to make sure your DE is supported and all dependencies are satisfied. If you have any of these desktop environments, lets proceed to install dependencies.
sudo apt install gnome-themes-standard gtk2-engines-murrine libglib2.0-dev libxml2-utils
Now that all dependencies are satisfied lets download and install the Materia theme.
cd /tmp
tar xz -f master.tar.gz
cd materia-theme-master
sudo ./

You have now successfully installed Materia theme on your Linux. Now switch to your new theme from your theme manager. There are 3 color and 2 size variants. Try them all.


Materai Dark On Debian 9.3 (Mate 1.16.2)

If in case you didnt like the theme and you dont need it anymore, use the following commands to remove this theme permanently from your system.
sudo rm -rf /usr/share/themes/Materia{,-compact,-dark,-dark-compact,-light,-light-compact}
This should do it.

Loved this theme or didnt liked it?? Comment below to share your thoughts and issues on it.


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