Fix Another Instance Of Illustrator is Currently Closing Error on Illustrator CS6

Welcome to another post on our blog. Today we will talking about Adobe Illustrator CS6, in particular we will be talking about fixing "Another Instance Of Illustrator is Currently Closing. Please wait for it to finish before launching it again." Error on Adobe Illustrator CS6. You can go through this article to get your problem solved or just watch our video on this topic on our Youtube Channel.

Adobe Illustrator CS6 is the most popular software for graphics designing including cartoons, diagrams, charts, logos etc. The CS6 is pretty much old version of the software. But many people still use it because they can't upgrade their hardware as the need of the program. So without any more talking lets get to the point.

The problem

When you try to run Illustrator you get an error saying "Another Instance Of Illustrator is Currently Closing. Please wait for it to finish before launching it again." like in the picture below. After this error begins to appear you won't be able to use the program as it will quit afterwards.

Now, the solution

The solution is pretty simple like the reason for this issue. The reason for this particular error is, when you first run the Illustrator CS6 and close it, it doesn't quit like it should. It quits without properly finishing its background works. Then when you try to open it again, you will get that error saying it wont run because its already closing.

To solve this Illustrator CS6 error, follow the below steps.
Open the path where Illustrator CS6 is installed, for example C:\Program Files\Illustrator
Then go to Data folder
Look for PortableApps.comLauncherRuntimeData-IllustratorPortable.ini file
Open the file using notepad (might need to open notepad as admin)
Now find the line Status=stopping


Delete the stopping  and now it should only be Status=
Save the file and try to run Illustrator CS6.

It should now run without any errors. So if you faced anything else don't forget to comment below i will surely help you. Liked this article and you got anything useful, then try white listing us in your a d b l o c k e r .


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  9. I went through all the steps but it won't allow me to save the changes, "access denied".

  10. I tried deleting the Data/settings/IllustratorPortableSettings.ini alltogether and it also works.

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