Install Screenfetch or Neofetch on Windows 10 Using PowerShell


Screenfetch is a simple command line based tool to display your system information in summary. It is extremely light but powerful tool to know the hardware and software information of a Linux system. I have used from Debian to Arch Linux and whenever is install a new Linux system, the first thing i do is install Screenfetch or more preferably Neofetch. So it would be a lot interesting if we can run Screenfetch on a Windows system.

So, Screenfetch is something that has always been exclusive to Linux ecosystem. But not anymore, by utilizing some powershell modules we can get the Screenfetch to run on our Windows 10 box. And this article will tell exactly you how you can achieve that. So without any further ado lets hop into that train.

Follow the below guide to install Screenfetch your Windows 10 system.

  • First make sure you are connected to the internet (is that even a step (o \o))
  • Run Powershell with administrative privilege or just run as admin (hahah)
  • Enter the below command (its gonna take sometime)
Install-Module -Name windows-screenfetch
  • Now hit Y 2 times when asked and wait till installation is complete
  • Again enter the below command
Set-ExecutionPolicy -ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted

  • Hit Y again to proceed
  • Again enter
Install-Module windows-screenfetch
  • Now you are done

To run Screenfetch type screenfetch in a Powershell window.

Now if you want to remove Screenfetch form your system, enter the below command on a Powershell window as admin.
Uninstall-Module -Name windows-screenfetch
And the Screenfetch module form Powershell will be removed.

Video tutorial here:

If you faced any issues try to watch the videos on our channel and even if you still cant make it, make sure to comment below. Bye, have a nice day.


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