Install Pacman On Ubuntu, Mint And Other Debian Based Linux

Hello Linux user, this article will guide you through to the installation of Pacman, default package manager of Arch Linux, on your favorite Debian based Linux distro.

Pacman is one of the most efficient/fast and top-rated package managers out there. You can learn more about it by performing a simple Google search. But we won't be doing so here. We will just learn to install and use it in the simple steps below.

As you know Pacman is not native to Debian based distros, Pacman will only be a frontend for the APT package manager on our Debian based distro.

Install Pacman On Ubuntu, Mint And Other Debian Based Linux

I am using Debian 10 here. We will install a package named Deb Pacman which is not available through official repositories.

First of all, go to the below link and get the link or download the latest build of Deb Pacman. As of now, the version is 1.0.
Deb Pacman GitLab
After that run the below commands one by one.
sudo apt install ./deb-pacman_1.0-0.deb
If you get a newer version form GitLab, make sure you change the file name on the second command also.

Now that we have installed Pacman on our system successfully let's see how to use our new package manager.

Heres a video guide,

Usage of Pacman On Debian Based Linux (How to use Pacman on Ubuntu, Mint And Other Debian Based Linux)

To check the version simply enter,
pacman -v
And for help
pacman -h
To run system update enter,
pacman -Syyu or -Syu 
To install a package,
pacman -S package_name
Likewise to remove a package
pacman -R package_name
For autoremove like option in APT,
pacman -Rns package_name
 If you are interested to learn more about Deb Pacman head to the page on of Deb Pacman on GitLab.

And that's all folks. I hope you have succeeded here and enjoyed the post. Comment below and let me hear your experience or any issues you faced. Goodbye until the next article.


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