How To Setup Free Zoho Email Hosting With Your Own Custom Domain

How To Setup Free Zoho Email Hosting With Your Own Custom Domain

In this article we will be talking about how to setup free Zoho email hosting with your own domain. After going through this whole article you should be able to get your own free business email address.

Before we start you should know that some things are required to setup your email on zoho.  They are as follow:

  • A domain name
  • Access to DNS Manager of that domain

You are going to setup a custom domain email so you surely do need a domain name and also the access to DNS manager of that domain. We will need to add some DNS records in order to get a working email address. I am using Cloudflare to manage DNS on this article.
Now that you have got these things, lets get your business email account.

First of all we will need a free Zoho account. If you already have one proceed with that else create a new one. To create a new Zoho account for email hosting just follow this link.

Click here to signup Zoho Email Hosting SignUp

After opening this link,  a page will load like this,

Now select the Business Email Option and then Signup.

On Next page you will be asked to select your plan. Scroll down to that point from where you can select free plan, just like in the image below,

Now get start with the free plan and After that you will get a form like in below image, fill it up and then click next,

Form field details:

  • Signup With A Domain I Already Own: enter your domain here which you want an email on
  • Name: Put your name
  • Administrator Account: Put an email you want to create (
  • Phone: Enter your phone and verify on next step
  • Password: Create a password for your Zoho account
Now, on the next page you will be asked to verify you phone number through SMS.
After verifying your phone, you will be redirected to domain verification and email setup.

Select your DNS manager to verify domain ownership, in my case i am using cloudflare so it will be 'Others'. Now you will be given some DNS records, head to your DNS manager and add them.

Add the records according to your DNS manager like in the image below,
Select the record type as 'CNAME' and enter other entries as you are given.

After that click on 'Proceed to CNAME verification' button. It will take some time for DNS propagation so you will have to wait some time before it gets verified. But if you change the TTL (Time to Live) to the minimum it accepts (in my case, its 2 mins) it should be instant and you will get to next step.

On next step you will be asked/confirm your new email address, just leave it as it is if you are happy or change as per your desires.

After that just skip the Add Users & Create Groups Step and go to Configure Email Delivery Step.

Now again we will add some records named 'MX Records' on your DNS manager.

Select the record type as 'MX' and input the records as you are provided, see the image below

After that, click on next and again we will add more records named SPF/DKIM.

Add a new record as 'TXT' and input the given values,

Below is a image after adding the above records on DNS manager.

Now lets add our DKIM Records, click on 'Proceed to configure DKIM ' button. Now your domain will be shown on the next page, on the right side click on the 'Edit' button under 'Action' column. On next step click on 'Add selector' button and enter a random word as 'Selector Name' and save it.
See below image,

After saving the selector, we will get our last DNS record to add, ie; DKIM. Lets add it from our DNS manager.

 Again, create a new record as 'TXT' type and enter value as you are given. After that click on verify button to verify our DKIM record. Now we are almost done configuring our email hosting.

Note: if you are unable to verify DKIM when clicking the verify button, remember to put minimum TTL on DKIM and SPF records on your DNS manager.

Now, you can safely skip the last three steps, just click on 'Skip' button for 'Email Migration' , 'Email Client Configuration' & 'Mobile Access'.

And that's all Folks.

You can access your email from Here and manage your Zoho account form Here.

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Here is a video tutorial for zoho email hositng setup,

And this guide ends here, if you have any issues following this article just comment below, we would love to help and hear form you. Have a nice day..:)


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