How to Unlock Bootloader On Gionee X1 And X1s

Unlocking the bootloader On Gionee X1 And X1s is pretty neat and simple. We will just use the ADB and Fastboot tool from Windows to unlock the bootloader. The steps to unlock the bootloader on both X1 and X1s are totally same, One can follow this tutorial to unlock on any of these two devices.

Why to unlock Bootloader on Gionee X1/X1s ?

Well for starters, you will be able to flash a cutom recovery or rom. Take a look at these points below:
  • Flash custom ROM
  • Flash stock ROM using Fastboot
  • Flash Custom Recovery Like CWM/TWRP
  • Flash SuperSU to get root
and much more.

Important: Unlocking Bootloader will void your device warranty and erase your data permanently, so be sure to backup your data first.
And also do it at your own risk. I wont be liable if you brick your device following this guide.

Ok, so now if you really want to kill your device warranty and explore the posibilities with unlocked bootloader, then follow the below guide.

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Setting up The Environment
We will follow up these three steps in order to Unlock the bootloader on Gionee X1 or X1s.
  1. Setup ADB and Fastboot on Windows
  2. Enable Developer Option and USB Debugging Mode And Enable "Allow Bootloader Unlock" Option
  3. Unlocking Bootloader
1. Setup ADB and Fastboot on Windows
This step is the easy one, Just download the minimal adb and fastboot setup from the link below and install it on your windows PC. After that just to make sure everything is ok, open CMD and then type and run adb and fastboot once at a time. See if they run or you got a error.
Download the setup and install the ADB and Fastboot as well as the ADB drivers.

2. Enable Developer Option and USB Debugging Mode And Enable "Allow Bootloader Unlock" Option On Your X1/X1s
First of all we will enable the developer options if not already. To do so, goto your phones setting menu and go to About menu and then continously tap on "Build number" option until it says "You are a developer".
After that, go back to main settings menu and then go to "More settings". Now there at the end(scroll down) you will find a new option named "Developer Options".
Now tap on it and then find "OEM Unlocking" and "USB Debugging", enable them both. And this step is done.

Developer Option: Settings>>About Phone>>Build Number
USB Debugging & Bootloader Unlock: Settings>>More settings>>Developer Options

3. Unlocking the Bootloader
Here comes the real work, now connect your phone with pc using a USB cable and tap on allow if asked. Be sure that USB Debugging Mode is enabled, else ADB wont detect your device.

Now run the following command on CMD,

to check the device:
adb devices
if your device is detected then it will show like this,

Now type in the following command to reboot into bootloader mode
adb reboot bootloader
Now your phone should enter Fastboot (black screen with only fastboot written at the bottom)
Now again in CMD type the following command while your device is still connected.
fastboot oem unlock
Your device will prompt you to confirm Bootloader unlock, press the volume up button for yes. After that you will get a message saying Unlock Successful.

Again, type the following command to reboot your device
fastboot reboot

And your device will be started with your unlocked bootloader and all your data erased.


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