All ADB And Fastboot Commands To Remove Google Account Lock (FRP Lock) On Android Phones


Android is the worlds most popular opensource mobile platform OS developed by Google. Android Debug Bus (ADB) and Fastboot are the mediums to communicate your android phone with your PC. As the user base of this OS is increasing rapidly, the issue of Google Account Lock or FRP lock is also being increasingly faced by the users.

Basically this article will take you through the process to remove FRP lock on your Android device. Walk through the steps below to install ABD/Fastboot on your PC and remove google account lock from your device.

Steps to follow:
1. Setup ADB And Fastboot
2. Remove FRP Lock Using ADB/Fastboot

1. Setup ADB & Fastboot

On Windows PC
For your ease, i have linked a automated installer of ADB and Fastboot. The setup will automatically configure the environmental variables for you. Just download the minimal adb and fastboot setup from the link below and install it on your windows PC. After that just to make sure everything is ok, open CMD and then type and run adb and fastboot once at a time. See if they run or you got a error.
Download the setup and install the ADB and Fastboot as well as the ADB drivers.

Download Minimal ADB And Fastboot (8 MB)

Setup screenshot:

On Linux PC,
If you want to setup ADB and Fastboot on Linux follow this article: Install ADB And Fastboot The Easiest Way On Linux Mint, Ubuntu And Other Debian Based Distros

2. Remove FRP Lock Using ADB/Fastboot

To be able to remove FRP via ADB make sure your USB debugging mode is already enabled on your device. All android device out there doesn't support Fastboot mode, so make this one too, else you wont be able to use the following commands.

To remove FRP via ADB commands, Power on your device normally and connect it to your PC using USB cable. Now open CMD and type the following commands one by one (3 times). After the commands finish executing, reboot your device and FRP will be gone.

For Samsung Devices,
adb shell am start -n
adb shell am start -n
adb shell content insert --uri content://settings/secure --bind name:s:user_setup_complete --bind value:s:1
For Other Brands / MTK /SPD
adb shell content insert --uri content://settings/secure --bind name:s:user_setup_complete --bind value:s:1
To remove FRP via Fastboot commands, put your device into bootloader mode/fastboot mode and connect to your pc using USB cable. To enter fastboot mode google your model and brand as its differs from brand to brand on how to enter fastboot mode.
After connecting your device issue the following commands as it suits you in the CMD.

fastboot erase config
fastboot reboot
fastboot -w
Fastboot -i 0x2a96 erase config
Fastboot -i 0x2a96 reboot
For DEEP/HTC/Other Brands FRP
fastboot erase config
fastboot reboot

Finally we have came to the end of our article and hoping that our visitors will find it helpful. If you face any issues comment below.


Hafiz Mobile said...

Using ADB i tried to unlock the bootloader.
I typed in the command : fastboot oem unlock ,
Then i get a message on my screen saying, "Press Volume up to unlock (This will void warranty)"
When i do so, it shows a fail message

Sombii said...

hi sorry for late response. You have enable OEM unlock form developer options first. Try this article

abdul majeed said...

sir yei command par new xiaomi phone frp remove huta hai ya nahi maine abhi tak try nahi kiya pleas reply

Владимир Олексин said...

i can't power on my devise i have the frp binary custom lock howe i can by pass? when i write adb bypass no device found i can't enter in cwm mode i can enter in download mode but the cmoputer don't read my device
help me i use xubuntu 18.04 LTS

Muhammad Syafiq said...

Hey, my phone (Huawei P10) got bricked. Both bootloader and FRP were locked and I'm stuck right now.I can't unlock the bootloader unless the FRP unlocked. All command got fail and I don't know what to do now.

Rafal said...

I get error closed when trying to run this in adb sideload mode on a lenovo k5 vibe... any help?

Unknown said...

Hey my cms shows only device not found when typed ad shell command
Please help me

Marathi Tech said...

Thank you so much it helped me removing frp unlock of my asus max pro m2..

Unknown said...

Solid information here people, if it didn't work, then its either the cord, the USB port or the driver, I followed this for
mtk devices and by far the fastest and easiest and I have frp quite a few devices