Install Latest Firefox On Debian 10 Buster Easy Way

If you are reading this article then you already have known about the pain in the neck to be able to use the latest version of Firefox browser on the stable version of Debian Linux. As of now, the current stable version of Debian is 10 and the latest version of Firefox is 71. But this article should be relevant to any other versions of both OS and browser.

Debian stable always sticks with the latest ESR version of Firefox. That's why the latest non-ESR version is never available through the official repository. With little knowledge and some time devoted, we should be able to enjoy the latest version of Firefox on our Debian Buster Linux system.

Ok, without any further ado lets install the latest Firefox On Debian 10 Buster

Steps to Install Firefox
  1. Download & Extract Firefox
  2. Install The Latest Firefox On Debian 10 Buster
  3. Create Menu Entry For Firefox on Debian
Follow the below steps carefully and you will be running Firefox on your system in no time. Ok, let's start.

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1. Download & Extract Firefox 

First head to the Firefox download page and download the latest version on of Firefox tar archive. A file named something like firefox-71.0.tar.bz2 should be downloaded.
Now, copy the downloaded Firefox tar file on your Desktop.
After the file is copied on your desktop, open terminal and enter the following command one by one.
cd ~/Desktop                         #change current working dir to your desktop
tar -xjfv firefox-71.0.tar.bz2       #replace "firefox-71.0.tar.bz2" with your downloaded file name.
 After that wait till the files are extracted on your desktop. Do not close your terminal yet.

 2. Install The Latest Firefox On Debian 10 Buster

Now, we will install Firefox on /opt/firefox folder. For that, we will move the Firefox folder from our desktop to /opt/. Enter the following command again.
cd ~/Desktop
sudo mv firefox /opt/
After executing this command Firefox folder from the desktop will be moved to its install location. We are almost finished now, we just have to create a menu entry for our Firefox, and we are done.

3. Create Menu Entry For Firefox on Debian

Our last step is to create a menu entry for our latest version of Firefox. For that will use a small tool named alacarte (Main Menu).
First, install alacarte using the following command,
sudo apt install alacarte
After installation, run the tool by entering alacarte in terminal or from your menu/launcher.

After executing alacarte you will get a window like this.
Now add the menu entry following the below steps.
  • Click on Internet>New item
  • Write firefox on name
  • Enter /opt/firefox/firefox for command
  • Enter /opt/firefox/browser/chrome/icons/default/default128.png for icon
  • And click ok to save it.

Screenshots of The Latest Firefox 71 on Debian 10 Buster.

Install latest firefox on debian 10
alacarte firefox 71 debian 10

And we are done installing Firefox on Debian 10 buster. Now you can run Firefox from your menu/launcher.


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  2. This is an easy and straightforward way to install the latest version of Firefox on Debian 10 (Buster). By using the official Mozilla repository, you can receive updates automatically as they become available. I found this article when looking for debain for a Docker based containerization poject.

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