Download Deepin 20 Beta With Video Install Guide

Deepin is one of the most beautiful Linux distribution out there. Since last month Deepin is in the news for the leaked beta ISO (UOS) of its upcoming major version of its desktop environment.

Even if the distro (UOS) which is shipped with the latest beta version of Deepin DE is a Chinese distribution, everyone is going crazy for the new design changes that have been made by Deepin team on the DE.

Deepin 20 is really something that is out of the world. Linux distros are typically not this beautiful. Deepin DE is beautiful right now but in v20 its even more beautiful. You should check out our video of Deepin 20 on our Youtube channel.

Below are some screenshots of the beautiful distribution and download link.

Deepin v20 on UOS screenshots:

Download Deepin 20 Beta ISO

Download Deepin 20 Beta With Video Install Guide (Youtube)

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