How to Activate Windows 11 For Free Forever


Today in this post i will guide you through the steps to activate your Windows 11 PC for free. Yes you heard it right, you can activate your Windows 11 for free and also which is for forever.

Enough with chit chats lets get started with it.

To activate Windows 11 for free, you will need to download Activator tool. Follow the link below and download the tool.

Disable your Antivirus temporarily.

Disable your Antivirus or Microsoft defender temporarily, as it might falsly delete the activator files. Don't worry, the files are totally safe.

Download Windows 11 Activator from one of the link below.

Download Activator (Zippyshare)

Download Activator (Mega)

And also download 7zip to open and extract the rar/zip.

Download 7zip

You can also watch the video tutorial here.

Extract and run Windows 11 activator

Now that you have downloaded the both activator and 7zip. Install 7zip and open the activator rar using 7zip.

Extract the files in the desktop and you should see something like below.

Now run the files in this order

  • Run Add_Defender_Exclusion
  • Run Add_Defender_Exclusion_New
  • Run KMS Tools Unpack

Now wait for unpack to finish.

After the unpacking is completed, a new file named KMSTools will be created. Run KMSTols and you will get something like in the image.

Click on the W10 Digital License (Yes, it works for both Windows 10 and 11)

Again a new window will open like below.

Now click on Activate Windows 10 button and wait. After the activation is successful. You will see a message like below.

And you are all done, you have successfully activated your Windows 11 system. Good luck and have a nice day.

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