How To Disable Microsoft Defender Permanently In Windows 11

As we all know Microsoft Defender is a security/ Antivirus program provided by Microsoft. Microsoft Defender sometimes can be annoying and CPU hungry. And we need to disable it. But in reality Windows doesn't provide any easy way to disable microsoft defender.

And the exact problem take us here in this article. We will guide you through the process on how you can disable microsoft defender very easily and with a single click.

Follow the below steps to disable Microsoft Defender Permanently On your Windows 11 Machine

Step 1. Disable Microsoft Defender Realtime Protection

First open Windows Security by navigating to

Settings > Update & Security > Windows Security > Open Windows Security

Now on Windows Security go to

Virus & Threat Protection > Virus & threat protection settings > Manage Setting

In there turn off Real-Time Protection

Step 2. Download dControl and Disable Microsoft Defender

Download a little program named dControl from the link below and run it.

Download dControl

Now extract the downloaded file and run dControl. You will get something like this.

Click on Disable Microsoft Defender and defender will be turned off.

And thats it, That is how easy it is to disable Microsoft defender in Windows 11. I hope that you guys were able to produce the same results as i did. If not comment below or on our Youtube channel.


  1. windows defender behaves worse than a virus. deletes or blocks files from downloads and installations on its own. later, many programs no longer work and you wonder why. for 20 years i didn't have any antivirus on my computers and i never caught a virus, except once with windows xp the blaster virus with the forced shutdown. in windows vista and 7 i even deleted all windows defender files and entries by force so i don't have this garbage on my system.

  2. I cannot extract the exe file from the zip and get error if I try and run it directly from the zip file.

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