How To Boot Into Safe Mode in Windows 10, 8.1 Easy Way

We all sometime face some types of in Windows and booting into safe boot mode is the only way to fix that. So today in this article i will guide you through the steps to boot into safe mode with the easiest method  we can find.

Follow the below guide step by step to successfully boot into safe mode and fix your metal.

1. Open Settings from StartMenu

2. Go to Update & Security, then find Recovery on the left menu and click on it.

3. Under the Advanced Start-up option, click on" Restart now" button.

4. Now you will enter Windows Recovery Environment with blue background.

5. Select Troubleshoot form there.

6. Now select Advanced Options.

7. Again on Advanced Options select Startup Settings or Windows Startup Settings.

8. Now hit restart.

9. After you PC restarts, press F5 to boot into safe mode.

10. And now you are in Safe Mode, you will see safe mode watermark on you screen.

11. To exit safe mode just reboot your PC and you will be booted into normal windows.

And that is all my readers, that is how you boot into safe mode easiest way possible. Comment below or on my Youtube cahnnel if you need any help. Hope this will help you accomplish to boot into safe mode.

Have a good day, bye.

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